Waiting Room

Each Day With God


Have you ever sat in a waiting room?

Last week I sat in a quiet waiting room, alone, with only a few chairs. The lights were dim. I heard the sound of machines and nurses in the distance. I couldn’t just sit in the silence, so I began to write down in a notebook this blog post.  I am at peace because I serve God who is BIGGER than any test results. Yes, the future may be unknown but I know God won’t take us through more than we can handle. I know that He sees the BIG picture. He WILL supply All our needs. God makes us stronger through each experience in life that He allows us to go through. Do you feel like you are sitting in a waiting room? Unsure about what the future holds? Maybe you feel all alone?


You are NOT Alone! God IS in control. Trust Him COMPLETLY with your life. Don’t feel like you need to control everything but give it over to Him.



Lessons learned from the Snow Storm

This weekend we had a very large snow storm. Within 24 hours we had at least 14 inches of snow.  It was a heavy snow that stuck to everything. Half way into the storm it became a blizzard.

Today the sun was shining and everthing looked so beautiful.  I noticed the Sun had melted the snow on our sidewalks they were all clean.


Here’s where the lesson came to me…

I looked down the sidewalk and our neighbor was just beginning to shovel the sidewalk. It was covered with 14+ inches of heavy hard snow. By then it was really hard to shovel all that heavy snow

We had kept shoveling our sidewalk throughout the storm.

First we shoveled a few inches, then 4 inches, then 6 inches, finally the rest of the snow. It wasn’t easy shoveling. It was still heavy and the large snowflakes hit us as we did it.

The lesson is this…

Do the hard work during the storm, so when the storm is over and then Sun is shining, it gets easier. The storm is gone and the snow is melted from the sidewalk. Be faithful during the storm. Spend time with God.  Seek Him, pray, fast, do it no matter how hard it seems.

During the storm it wasn’t pretty. It was a mess and it was hard to see the Sun in the future, but press through and be faithful to do the hard work. The results will be worth it.


When you get out of the storm, God will shine so bright in your life.

Slow Start

Today, I wanted to stay in bed. Have you ever had one of those days? My body is fighting off a cold. It could be because I had been fasting. I was eating Clean. One thing I cut out was sugar. Can I mention that I have had more sugar than I should have and now my immune system is struggling because of it. So, I took lots of Vitamins and EmerginC.

While I was getting ready God started showing me all the things I need to do. Like writing: Lists, in my Calendar, and my Study for today.


Today I read: 2 Thessalonians 2 & 3

It reminds me about how quickly the Lord will be coming back. Are you ready? He will come back for those who have Confessed with their Mouth and Believed in their Heart (Romans 10:9 & 10). Don’t be so easily deceived by what people say. Read the Bible and understand the truth.


Examine your Heart. Are you ready for the Lord to come back for his people?

Pray that the Lord’s Word will Spread Rapidly.

Getting Started

Each Day With God

Welcome to my new blog called, “Each Day With God”.

My goal is to share with you as often as I can what God is teaching me. I created this blog so I would have a place to write it down. It is honestly for my own benefit but I’m hoping you will get something out of it too.

So join me in this Adventure called Life. God has so much for us to learn together.