Lessons learned from the Snow Storm

This weekend we had a very large snow storm. Within 24 hours we had at least 14 inches of snow.  It was a heavy snow that stuck to everything. Half way into the storm it became a blizzard.

Today the sun was shining and everthing looked so beautiful.  I noticed the Sun had melted the snow on our sidewalks they were all clean.


Here’s where the lesson came to me…

I looked down the sidewalk and our neighbor was just beginning to shovel the sidewalk. It was covered with 14+ inches of heavy hard snow. By then it was really hard to shovel all that heavy snow

We had kept shoveling our sidewalk throughout the storm.

First we shoveled a few inches, then 4 inches, then 6 inches, finally the rest of the snow. It wasn’t easy shoveling. It was still heavy and the large snowflakes hit us as we did it.

The lesson is this…

Do the hard work during the storm, so when the storm is over and then Sun is shining, it gets easier. The storm is gone and the snow is melted from the sidewalk. Be faithful during the storm. Spend time with God.  Seek Him, pray, fast, do it no matter how hard it seems.

During the storm it wasn’t pretty. It was a mess and it was hard to see the Sun in the future, but press through and be faithful to do the hard work. The results will be worth it.


When you get out of the storm, God will shine so bright in your life.